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FX plugin 2.1 ( FX scrum build #83, feb 27 ) doesn't work as default with plugin with 7u4 b13 JRE. Plugin version is shown as, FX applets work OK.



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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • fx2.1
    • fx2.1
    • deploy
    • WinVista x64, SP2


      Non-FX test applet: http://sqeweb.us.oracle.com/deployment2/jitu/deployregistration/PluginUnderDTTest.html
      FX applet: http://jre.us.oracle.com/java/re/javafx/2.0.2/promoted/fcs/b08-samples-respin3/binaries/windows-i586/javafx-samples-2.0.2/BrickBreaker.html

       Testsuite name: RegistryDeploy
          tests: reported for B_WebStart/jws1, actually can be noticed for all applet/javaws tests.
                   also affects C_SSV/ssv1 tests ( ssv.dll and jp2ssv.dll are loaded fron JRE7, not from FX 2.1 in IE browser )
          JDK/JRE tested: FX 2.1 ( scrum build #83 feb,27 ) + 7u4 b13, all JREs x32 bit
          OS/architecture: WinVista x64, UAC is ON

          Reproducible: Always
          Reproducible on machine: stt-40.ru ( WinVista x64 SP2 )

          Is it a Regression:* Yes, all worked ok with FX 2.1 b12 ( plugin version was )

      1. Install 7u4 b13 ( x32 bundle ), then install FX 2.1 scrum build #83, feb 27 ( x32 bundle )
      2. Run non-FX test applet ( IE, FireFox )
      3. Check plugin version in Java console output, check java.exe process ( use process explorer )
          expected: plugin version is 10.4.1.xxx ( ), java.exe, deploy.dll, other dlls are loaded from FX 2.1 runtime/bin
          actual: plugin version is, java.exe, deploy.dll, other dlls are loaded from jre7/bin

      This differs from RT-19925 as FX applet works ok ( but under plugin ).

         In pm_logs.zip
              start_browser_incorrect_plugin_version.PML ( run process monitor before running browser, save log before jumping to the non-FX test applet page )
              start_applet_incorrect_plugin_version.PML ( run process monitor after running browser, save log after jumping to the non-FX test applet page )
           incorrect_plugin_version_FX_applet.jpg - screenshot of running FX applet, see plugin version in Java Console.

            - for 7u4 b13 + FX 2.1 b14 after disabling/enabling FX in JavaCPL FX plugin become default
            - for 7u4 b13 + FX 2.1 #83 can't try the same as there is no more "FX enable/disable" option in Java CPL


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