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        The 2015f release of the tz code and data is available. It reflects the following changes, which were either circulated on the tz mailing list or are relatively minor technical or administrative changes:

          Changes affecting future time stamps

            North Korea switches to +0830 on 2015-08-15. (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.)
            The abbreviation remains "KST". (Thanks to Robert Elz.)

            Uruguay no longer observes DST. (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen
            and Pablo Camargo.)

          Changes affecting past and future time stamps

            Moldova starts and ends DST at 00:00 UTC, not at 01:00 UTC.
            (Thanks to Roman Tudos.)

          Changes affecting data format and code

            zic's '-y YEARISTYPE' option is no longer documented. The TYPE
            field of a Rule line should now be '-'; the old values 'even',
            'odd', 'uspres', 'nonpres', 'nonuspres' were already undocumented.
            Although the implementation has not changed, these features do not
            work in the default installation, they are not used in the data,
            and they are now considered obsolescent.

            zic now checks that two rules don't take effect at the same time.
            (Thanks to Jon Skeet and Arthur David Olson.) Constraints on
            simultaneity are now documented.

            The two characters '%z' in a zone format now stand for the UTC
            offset, e.g., '-07' for seven hours behind UTC and '+0530' for
            five hours and thirty minutes ahead. This better supports time
            zone abbreviations conforming to POSIX.1-2001 and later.

          Changes affecting installed data files

            Comments for America/Halifax and America/Glace_Bay have been improved.
            (Thanks to Brian Inglis.)

            Data entries have been simplified for Atlantic/Canary, Europe/Simferopol,
            Europe/Sofia, and Europe/Tallinn. This yields slightly smaller
            installed data files for Europe/Simferopol and Europe/Tallinn.
            It does not affect timestamps. (Thanks to Howard Hinnant.)

          Changes affecting code

            zdump and zic no longer warn about valid time zone abbreviations
            like '-05'.

            Some Visual Studio 2013 warnings have been suppressed.
            (Thanks to Kees Dekker.)

            'date' no longer sets the time of day and its -a, -d, -n and -t
            options have been removed. Long obsolescent, the implementation
            of these features had porting problems. Builders no longer need
            to configure HAVE_ADJTIME, HAVE_SETTIMEOFDAY, or HAVE_UTMPX_H.
            (Thanks to Kees Dekker for pointing out the problem.)

          Changes affecting documentation

            The Theory file mentions naming issues earlier, as these seem to be
            poorly publicized (thanks to Gilmore Davidson for reporting the problem).

            tz-link.htm mentions Time Zone Database Parser (thanks to Howard Hinnant).

            Mention that Herbert Samuel introduced the term "Summer Time".

        Here are links to the release files:


        The files are also available via HTTP as follows:



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