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The regression case:java/awt/print/PrinterJob/PrintTextTest.java failed as the Printed pages do not match the shown Page.



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      Testsuite name: Regression
      Test name(s): java/awt/print/PrinterJob/PrintTextTest.java
      Product(s) tested: JDK 8u76 b03(32bit)
      OS/architecture: win8.1 x86

      Reproducible: Always
      Reproducible on machine: Evergreen-machine
      [If Sometimes] Also reproducible on machine:

      Is it a Regression: No
      [If Regression] Regression introduced in release/build:
      Test result on the last GAed release for this train: Failed as the same issue(JDK 8u72 b15 on the same OS)
      [if Fail] Test result on FCS: Failed as the same issue(JDK 1.8.0 b132 on the same OS)

      Is it a platform specific issue: No (The same build on Mac10.10 x64: Failed refer to mac_Page1.png and mac_Page8.png
                                                          The same build on Oel6.4 x86: Failed refer to Page8_portrait.jpg and Page8_landscape.jpg, only Page8 failed
                                                          The same build on Solaris10 x64: Failed refer to Page8_portrait.jpg and Page8_landscape.jpg , only Page8 failed
                                                          The same build on Solaris11.3 sparc: Failed refer to Page8_portrait.jpg and Page8_landscape.jpg, Page1-11 all failed)
      [If platform specific issue] Is it a new (previously unsupported) OS/browser/mode testing:
      [If new configuration testing] Issue specific to execution mode or OS/browser version:

      Case instruction:

      This tests that printed text renders similarly to on-screen,
      under a variety of APIs and graphics and font transforms
      Print to your preferred printer. Collect the output.
      Refer to the onscreen buttons to cycle through the on-screen content
      For each page, confirm that the printed content corresponds to the on-screen rendering for that *same* page.
      Some cases may look odd but its intentional. Verify it looks the same on screen and on the printer.
      Note that text does not scale linearly from screen to printer so some differences are normal and not a bug.
      The easiest way to spot real problems is to check that any underlines are the same length as the underlined text
      and that any rotations are the same in each case.
      Note that each on-screen page is printed in both portrait and landscape mode.
      So for example, Page 1/Portrait, and Page 1/Landscape when rotated to view properly, should both match Page 1 on screen.;

      Actual behavior:
      1)Page1 and Page8 Print results do not match the shown Page,refer to Page1_portrait.JPG,Page1_landscape.JPG,Page8_portrait.JPG and Page8_landscape.JPG.
      2)Page2-5 and Page 9-11 have the same issus as page1.
      3)Page6,page7,page12 and page13 print normally.


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        4. Page1_portrait.JPG
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        5. Page8_landscape.JPG
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        6. Page8_portrait.JPG
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        7. printBug.png
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