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Stage.show() shows either black or white rectangle instead of window content



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Incomplete
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    • 9
    • 8u92
    • javafx
    • Windows 8.1, 64 Bit, JRE 8u92, HP Spectre XT Touch Smart

    • x86_64
    • windows_8


      Sometimes (about two times a week) a severe rendering problem happens: A window does not show its content but is either completely white or completely black!

      Steps to reproduce: Show window, minimize it, close laptop lid to make it go into suspend mode, wait 24 hrs, open laptop lid, un-minimize window.

      Expected result: Window shows the same content as before this procedure. Works well in 9 out of approx. 10 attempts.

      Actual result: In 1 out of approx. 10 attempts it fails. Window shows OS-provided frame, but content area is completely white or completely black. In case of white content area, enlarging the window adds completely black areas.

      Note: This did not happen in 8u72, but it happens in 8u92. I assume it is a side effect of the fix for JDK-8145565 and is directly related to the fact that the window contains lots of animated GIFs, particularly an anima7.ted GIF in a menu item. The application is the same as already provided to Oracle for JDK-8145565, and the laptop is the same, too.


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