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Remove G1RemSet::_into_cset_dirty_card_queue_set



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      The G1RemSet::_into_cset_dirty_card_queue_set is no longer needed. It was originally added to keep track of cards with pointer into the collection set. In the case of evacuation failure, this set of cards would then be enqueued for refinement in order to construct remembered sets for regions that encountered evacuation failure (only regions in the collection set can encounter evacuation failure). However, this functionality is already provided by the call to G1ParScanThreadState::update_rs and the evac failure handling code.

      For pointers in regions outside of the collection set pointing into the collection set, we will always call G1ParScanThreadState::update_rs. G1ParScanThreadState::update_rs will enqueue the card containing the pointer pointing into the collection set onto G1CollectedHeap::_dirty_card_queue_set. So G1CollectedHeap::_dirty_card_queue_set will contain all the cards with pointers into the collection set. If an evacuation failure happens, then we will still trace through the object graph, calling do_oop_evac (but do_oop_evac will just return a pointer to the "from" object) for each object pointing into the collection set. This means that all cards in regions outside of the collection that contains pointers into the collection set will end up on G1CollectedHeap::_dirty_card_queue_set.

      For pointers in regions inside the collection set pointing into the collection set, those will be handled by the evacuation failure handling code. The evacuation failure handling code will iterate over all objects in all regions that encountered an evacuation failure. If it encounters an object with a forwarding pointer pointing to itself, then it will enqueue the cards that contains it fields onto G1CollectedHeap::_dirty_card_queue_set.

      The two above paragraphs means that after a collection, G1CollectedHeap::_dirty_card_queue_set always will contains all cards that contained pointers into the collection set. This is true for both a successful collection and a collection that encountered evacuation failure. However, these cards are exactly the cards that G1RemSet::_into_cset_dirty_card_queue_set contains, so we might as well remove the G1RemSet::_into_cset_dirty_card_queue_set.




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