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Makefile Improvements to Lib-jdk.packager.gmk



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      Line item #5 in JDK-8212936 says:

      * The native source files are not organized according to the standards introduced with JEP 201. If they were, most of these SetupJdkLibrary calls would automatically find the correct sources. I realize there is a special case for the windows papplauncherc executable as it's built from the same sources as papplauncher, so that will need a special case. Building of the executables should be moved to Launcher-jdk.packager.gmk however.
      * Why are you changing the build output dir and copying debuginfo files around? We have a standard way of building and places where files are put. If that is not working for you, we need to fix it on a global level. Having each native library being built differently is not good for maintainability.
      * VERSIONINFO_RESOURCE is handled automatically so does not need to be specified.
      * Please indent the full contents of logic blocks with 2 spaces. Not having proper indents makes it much harder to read the code.
      * Several lines are too long for future side by side comparisons, please break them up. You can use the # lines as a soft guidance.

      The final three bullets are handled by JDK-8212936 (except for one remaining long line) so this issue is to address the first two bullets (and the remaining long line) in Lib-jdk.packager.gmk


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