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jpackage --help improvements




      Comments on the jpackage --help contents.

      1.) - The create-jre-install doc uses the term "JRE" without definition; is it the same as "Java Runtime" used later, be consistent.

      2.) - Use the word colon instead of ":" or both color ":" to make the text more readable, the bare : looks like punctuation.

      3.) - --main-jar: combine the 1st and 3rd lines
         The main JAR of the application; containing the main class.

      4.) - arguments: "no arguments are specified by the launcher"
        The "by the launcher" means something but its not clear what.
        or it is unnecessary.
        Do you mean specified, or "supplied by the launcher".
        Do these arguments refer to command line arguments that may be provided on the command line? or from somewhere else.

      5.) - --jvm-args: "JVM flags and options to pass to the application".
        The "to the application" phrase is confusing because JVM flags and options are never passed to the application, only to the java command.

      6.) - If "jvm-args" and "jvm flags" are the same thing, please pick a single term.

      7.) - --build-root If this is purely a temporary directory then it should be called temp-dir. Otherwise, it looks more significant that it really is.

      8.) --force: Which directory does "root directory" refer to: --output-dir or --build-root? be consistent about references to directories

      9.) --add-modules and --limit-modules refer to "JImage";
         Is that important, it seems just to introduce an additional entity.
        Saying "add to the image" should be sufficient.

      10.) --secondary-launcher; "can be used to describe the secondary launcher"
         I would have called them arguments for the secondary launcher.

      11.) The "Sample usage" description line for the first two commands in the help text is incorrect
        "Generate an application image from a non-modular jar file" should be something like "Create a non-modular application image"
        "Generate an application image from a modular jar file" should be something like "Create a modular application image"
      12.) The help text for --add-modules and --limit-modules say they are separated with File.pathSeparator, when actually they are separated with commas.

      13.) The new help text for --runtime-installer option (see JDK-8217894) says: "Generates a platform-specific installer for Java runtime." . It should say "for a java runtime."

      14.) Now that there are only two modes, we may want to revisit grouping the options that are only valid in "create-installer" mode


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