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      fixes in jtreg4.2-b14 (http://hg.openjdk.java.net/code-tools/jtreg/search/?rev=%22jtreg4.2-b13%22%3A%22jtreg4.2-b14%22&revcount=80) :
      remove unnecessary grep -q option
      7902380: jtreg fails to compile due to regular expression
      FAQ tweaks
      fix FAQ title
      7902379: Fix/improve support for Windows Subsystem for Linux
      Tweak JDK version detection
      7902373: Intellij jtreg plugin fails to resolve external libraries
      7902375: Update bin/jtreg script to support Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
      7902372: Support building jtreg with recent versions of JDK.
      Set FS, PS, NULL for shell tests
      Add support for TEST.ROOT
      Set EXESUFFIX before WSLENV
      Update for WSL; remove trailing whitespace
      Set EXE_SUFFIX in WSL mode
      fix oversimplification of getWSLPath
      Fix over-simplification of ShellAction.getWSLPath
      7902357: Support Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
      7902344: short-circuit boolean evaluation in @requires expressons
      Change default for allowSmartActionArgs to on for >= 4.2 b14
      7902352: Support use of ${property.name} in action args
      7902351: jtreg evaluates ProblemList with properties of VM running jtreg
      7902348: wrong @NonNull annotation breaks plugin with 2018.3
      7902067: CachingTestFilter caches based on the content of a test description, not the location
      fix typo
      7902326: use ProblemList to select tests
      Fix code broken by recent JT Harness varargs update
      Update tag spec for __ERROR__ in extraPropDens
      7902290: introduce error state of @requires properties
      improve handling of policy files
      don't ignore security exceptions in GetJDKProperties.java
      update versions of AsmTools and JTHarness dependencies
      jtdiff: fix command-line help
      FAQ: Should I, and how do I, test a test?
      FAQ: Combo tests; how long can a test take; how much output can it write?
      FAQ: fix typos
      FAQ: minor wordsmithing
      FAQ: more on test cleanup, threads and timeouts
      FAQ: Can I test a JRE?
      FAQ: Can I run tests differently, depending on the circumstances?
      FAQ: move 'Can I put more than one test in a file' to 'Writing a test'; added more examples; @comment
      FAQ: @modules, @requires, jtreg.SkippedException
      FAQ: Update info for TestNG and UNit tests
      FAQ: fix errata and other minor suggestions
      FAQ: tiered testing, intermittent, randomness
      FAQ: When should I update the `@bug` entry in a test description?
      More updates to FAQ, include Q on shell tests, and on test organization
      Big update of FAQ
      Fix references to "sameVM" in resource files
      Minor reorg prior to new content; fix trailing whitespace
      Workaround display issues on OpenJDK website
      Fix broken links and other minor issues
      Revive FAQ, now in Markdown format
      remove vestiges of samevm mode
      IDE-assisted code cleanup
      7902259: AgentVMThreadgroup.cleanup needs to adjust the cleanup timeout based on timeoutFactor
      Add info about IntelliJ plugin to top-level READMME
      7902257: Document recommended order of JTReg tags in a test.
      7902256: jtreg plugin broken by 2018.2 changes
      Added tag jtreg4.2-b13 for changeset 7a38f21e0778
      Update build-all to use JT Harness 6.0 b02


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