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Fix mistakes in FX API docs



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      Issue for collecting API fixes for OpenJFX13:

      1. TableColumn#cellFactoryProperty: "editing.There" missing space (Fixed)

      2. Scene: "If a resizable node (layout Region or Control is set as the root, then" missing ')' (Fixed)

      3. Stylesheet is missing some methods documentation (missed in https://github.com/javafxports/openjdk-jfx/pull/147 presumably).

      4. getClassCssMetaData() and getControlCssMetaData() are missing docs in all (or almost all) of the classes. (Deferred to JDK-8227764)

      5. Border and BorderStroke have missing method descriptions. This is because {@inheritDoc} does not work for methods inherited from the JDK since its source is not specified. Probably more classes are affected. (Deferred to JDK-8227765)

      6. JavaBeanXxxPropertyBuilder: "you can reuse a JavaBeanXxxPropertyBuilder. by switching" unneeded '.' (Fixed)

      7. JavaBeanXxxPropertyBuilder#bean, #name and #create methods are missing a period. (Fixed)

      8. Border: "getInsets() are used" should be "insets". (Fixed + other corrections)

      9. Border#getInsets: "The values in these outsets" should be "insets". (Fixed)

      10. TransformationList class doc is missing a period at the end. (Fixed)

      11. StackPane: code example has missing quotes: `new Label("Go!)` -> `new Label("Go!")` (GitHub #471) (Fixed)

      12. TextFlow class doc:
          a. "plus it own width" -> "plus its own width"
          b. "due to wrapping and the visual location of Text node can differ" -> "due to wrapping, and the visual location of the Text node can differ"
          c. "Any other Node, rather than Text, will be treated as embedded object" -> "Any Node, other than Text, will be treated as an embedded object"
          d. "inside of a TextFlow some its properties" -> "inside of a TextFlow, some of its properties"
      (Fixed all)

      13. Text class:
          a. missing method docs for: caretBias, caretPosition, caretShape, selectionEnd, selectionShape and selectionStart. These properties are delegates from getTextAttribute() so the JavaDoc tool does not generate them automatically. (Fixed)
          b. wrappingWidth's first sentence description is malformed. (Fixed)
          c. fontSmoothingType has a space before ':'. (Fixed)

      14. ChangeListener#change has a bad first sentence. Possibly, the 1st and 2nd sentences should be switched. (Fixed)

      15. Animation#currentRateProperty: "currentRate may also point to different direction during reverse cycles when autoReverse is true" should be "a different" and a period. (Fixed)

      16. Color is missing a period in its constructor doc. (Fixed)

      17. Labeled#textAlignmentProperty(): "when text is multiline Unlike" missing period after "multiline". (Fixed)

      18. DisplacementMap class doc has "&nbsp" strings and the code example has extra empty lines. (Fixed)

      19. JDK-8227655 (Fixed)

      20. Image and WriteableImage have constructors with "Construct" instead of "Constructs". (https://github.com/javafxports/openjdk-jfx/pull/472#discussion_r303857943) (Fixed)

      21. PixelFormat<T> is missing an @param description tag for T (https://github.com/javafxports/openjdk-jfx/pull/472#discussion_r303583158) (Fixed)

      22. Node#blenMode: "is treated as pass-though this means" missing comma or period (Fixed)

      23. JavaBeanXxxPropertyBuilders use "Create" and "Set" instead of "Creates" and "Sets". There are also unneeded commas. (Fixed)

      24. ObservableValue class doc: "They do not generate anymore invalidation events until...": anymore --> any more, or move "anymore" after "events" (Fixed)


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