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(bf) MappedByteBuffer.force method to specify range



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      Overload MappedByteBuffer.force to specify a subregion of the mapped buffer to be written back to persistent storage.


      The current force method only supports writeback of a buffer's full mapped region. Selective writeback will be more efficient for some current use cases where a buffer is backed by a disk file. It will be much more efficient for the new use case proposed in JEP 352 where the buffer is backed by NVRAM.


      Overload the method to allow a region of the buffer to be specified and provide an implementation


      Add the following new method with associated javadoc

       * Forces any changes made to a region of this buffer's content to
       * be written to the storage device containing the mapped
       * file. The region starts at the given {@code index} in this
       * buffer and is {@code length} bytes.
       * <p> If the file mapped into this buffer resides on a local
       * storage device then when this method returns it is guaranteed
       * that all changes made to the selected region buffer since it
       * was created, or since this method was last invoked, will have
       * been written to that device. The force operation is free to
       * write bytes that lie outside the specified region, for example
       * to ensure that data blocks of some device-specific granularity
       * are transferred in their entirety.
       * <p> If the file does not reside on a local device then no such
       * guarantee is made.
       * <p> If this buffer was not mapped in read/write mode ({@link
       * java.nio.channels.FileChannel.MapMode#READ_WRITE}) then
       * invoking this method has no effect. </p>
       * @param index
       *        The index of the first byte in the buffer region that is
       *        to be written back to storage; must be non-negative
       *        and less than limit()
       * @param length
       *        The length of the region in bytes; must be non-negative
       *        and no larger than limit() - index
       * @throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
       *         if the preconditions on the index and length do not
       *         hold.
       * @return  This buffer
       * @since 13
      public final MappedByteBuffer force(int index, int length)
      . . .


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