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bugs in serialized-form.html




      1. Externalizable classes are shown as just implementing Serializable, not Externalizable (and any other implemented interfaces)
          * at a minimum, if the class implements `Externalizable`, that should be shown instead of `Serializable`
          * the names could/should be linked in the standard way, if possible

      2. The @param info for parameters of serializable methods is not displayed

      3. The initial word should probably not always be`Class`. It should use `utils.getTypeElementKindName`

      4. It's not clear that resource strings should be used to compose the heading. Maybe the code should just build up a `ContentBuilder` object, as in
          * type element kind name
          * class name
          * optional `extends superclass` ... that being said, only classes show up in this page, and the only class without a supertype is `Object` which is not `Serializable` so a there's always a supertype, unless we decide to suppress `extends Object`
          * `implements superinterfaces

      4a. The heading is a weird mix of adjective (like `Class`) and keywords (like `extends` and `implements`)
      It's not clear what the best strategy is for a heading

      4b. Suggestion for the heading: two parts
          * main heading: <element-type-kind> <name> (e.g. Class foo)
          * subheading or inline: a "standard" "signature block", giving details of the class signature

      5. when serializable classes are in a package, the enclosing package is used as a heading. The package name in the heading should probably link back to the main page for the package.

      6. JDK-8249903 (fix in serialized form test) could be merged into this.


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