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Localized time zone name inconsistency between English and other locales





        I have 2 concerns about CLDR Timezone translated data

        1. Translation inconsistency
           It seems translated materials may not be up to date.
        C locale's output said "Hawaii Standard Time"
        $ TZ=US/Hawaii LANG=C ~/jdk-14/bin/java tztest.java
        2019.12.25 21:08:09 HST Hawaii Standard Time

        Japanese output said like "Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time"
        $ TZ=US/Hawaii LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 ~/jdk-14/bin/java tztest.java
        2019.12.25 21:08:15 HST \u30cf\u30ef\u30a4\u30fb\u30a2\u30ea\u30e5\u30fc\u30b7\u30e3\u30f3\u6a19\u6e96\u6642

        The contents of English file and the Japanese file are not consistent.
        The English file is newer than Japenase translation base file.

        Also following timezones may have same kind of issue because only en* locales are not same as the others.
        SystemV/YST9: [AKST: 665, GAMT: 108]
        Asia/Qostanay: [ALMT: 108, QOST: 665]
        Asia/Oral: [AQTT: 108, ORAT: 665]
        Asia/Qyzylorda: [AQTT: 108, QYZT: 665]

        2. Translated Timezone short name may not be invalid or unexpected

        But too many translated Timezone short names are there on CLDR
        $ LANG=C ~/jdk-14/bin/java tzdump1.java
        Note: tzdump1.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
        Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
        US/Hawaii: [HAST: 11, HST: 758, Honolulunormaltid: 4]
        $ LANG=C ~/jdk-14/bin/java tzdump2.java US/Hawaii
        Note: tzdump2.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
        Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
        US/Hawaii: HAST(11) [nb_SJ, no, zh_TW, nb_NO, no_NO, zh_MO_#Hant, nb, zh_HK_#Hant, zh__#Hant, zh_TW_#Hant, zh_HK]
        US/Hawaii: HST(758) [, nds, ti_ET, ta_SG, lv, en_NU, zh_SG_#Hans, en_JM, kkj, es_BO, dz_BT, dsb_DE, en_LR, ar_TD, cs, el, af, ff_MR_#Latn, sw_UG, smn, tk_TM, sr_ME_#Cyrl, ar_EG, dsb, yo_NG, se_NO, khq, vo_001, en_PW, pl_PL, sr_CS, ne_IN, ji, ar_EH, bs_BA_#Latn, nds_DE, es_US, en_US_POSIX, pt_MO, zh__#Hans, lb_LU, so_KE, dje_NE, ff_GH_#Latn, fr_PM, ar_KM, no_NO_NY, agq_CM, teo, tr_TR, eu, ar_MR, es_DO, ru, az, fa, kl_GL, en_NR, nd, kk, hy, en_AU, en_CY, ti_ER, nus_SS, en_RW, ksb, luo, lb, ln_CD, nnh_CM, ar_IL, mgh, or_IN, az__#Latn, ta, lag, ar_SY, ksf_CM, bo, tt_RU, om_KE, en_AS, fr_VU, kln, pt_MZ, fr_NE, ksb_TZ, en_JE, ln_CF, en_CX, en_AT, gl, sr__#Cyrl, yue_CN_#Hans, kn_IN, ga, qu, en_TZ, en_PR, mua, jv, in, ps, sn, km, zgh, fr_NC, es, gd_GB, jgo, fr_CM, gsw, pa_IN_#Guru, teo_UG, ceb, en_NL, ln_CG, te, sl, el_CY, mr_IN, ha, ku_TR, lrc_IR, gsw_FR, es_HN, hu_HU, ff_SN, sbp, sq_MK, sr_BA_#Cyrl, et_EE, sw, fy_NL, ar_OM, tr_CY, nmg, uz_UZ_#Latn, dua_CM, de_IT, lrc_IQ, vai__#Vaii, fr_TN, sr_RS, de_CH, fr_PF, gu, pt_GQ, vun_TZ, jmc_TZ, en_TV, lo, en_PN, cu_RU, zh_HK_#Hans, nl_NL, en_GY, bs__#Latn, dyo_SN, os, nl_CW, ar_DZ, pt_CH, fr_GQ, am, en_NG, fr_CI, ki_KE, ia_001, en_PK, zh_CN, en_LC, rw, brx_IN, iw, gv_IM, mk_MK, en_TT, dav, sl_SI, ses, xh_ZA, fr_BE, jgo_CM, es_VE, mg, mr, mer_KE, en_BM, seh, kea_CV, mgo, vi_VN, en_US, mfe_MU, fr_BF, pa__#Guru, it_SM, fr_YT, gu_IN, ff_CM_#Latn, ast, fi_FI, yue__#Hans, ca_FR, sr_BA_#Latn, fr_DJ, ha_GH, de_BE, ff_GW_#Latn, cgg, nyn_UG, ms_MY, ta_LK, ksf, cy, ceb_PH, sq, fr, tg_TJ, qu_PE, de, es_EC, lg_UG, ff_NE_#Latn, zu_ZA, cgg_UG, ksh_DE, lg, ru_RU, en_DM, sd, ga_IE, en_BI, en_WS, fr_LU, so, mi_NZ, ar_ER, kab, nus, sn_ZW, prg, iw_IL, es_EA, ga_GB, th_TH_TH_#u-nu-thai, hi, fr_SC, en_SL, ff_NG_#Latn, en_SH, vai, de_LU, mi, mt, de_DE, en_DK, yav, so_DJ, lt_LT, kam, ro, eo_001, ps_PK, ee, en_UM, en_SI, vai_LR_#Vaii, lo_LA, chr, ar_LB, af_ZA, in_ID, es_BZ, ar_AE, hr_HR, as, rof_TZ, it, ks_IN, my_MM, ur_PK, mn_MN, da_DK, en_FM, en_BE, ii, fr_WF, mzn_IR, naq, en_SG, kln_KE, tzm, ff_GM_#Latn, fur, om, bez_TZ, ff_GN_#Latn, en_SD, ja_JP_JP_#u-ca-japanese, es_SV, pt_BR, ml_IN, en_FK, is_IS, en_DG, hr, pt_ST, ak_GH, lt, uz_AF_#Arab, ccp, en_SE, zh_CN_#Hans, es_419, en, guz_KE, gsw_LI, ccp_BD, es_IC, ca, ar_TN, bm_ML, kw_GB, ug_CN, es_BR, khq_ML, en_SB, rw_RW, chr_US, shi_MA_#Tfng, ar_IQ, nyn, mk, en_DE, pa__#Arab, bs, ro_MD, en_FI, fy, th, dav_KE, en_SC, en_UG, en_NZ, dje, es_UY, mas_KE, ru_UA, sg_CF, en_FJ, de_LI, en_BB, smn_FI, hr_BA, de_AT, lu_CD, ar_001, so_SO, lv_LV, ckb, ar_KW, sr_RS_#Cyrl, bem, da, wae, en_LS, ig, en_HK, ce_RU, ka_GE, sw_TZ, fr_RW, mg_MG, cu, os_RU, sr_RS_#Latn, ky_KG, ki, kok, ewo, nn, ar_JO, bg, kea, zu, am_ET, fr_DZ, bo_CN, hsb, qu_EC, en_MS, en_GG, vo, sr_ME, mer, sah, en_ZM, fr_ML, br, ha_NG, ar_SA, fa_AF, sk, os_GE, ml, en_MT, en_GH, en_IL, tzm_MA, ses_ML, lkt_US, vai_LR_#Latn, ji_001, ku, sw_CD, fil_PH, it_VA, es_PH, es_ES, es_CO, bg_BG, en_VC, agq, hsb_DE, en_150, ar_SD, en_KN, ha_NE, ebu, ro_RO, sr_ME_#Latn, es_GT, ff_LR_#Latn, bas_CM, fr_MG, es_CL, mn, kam_KE, fa_IR, en_MO, wo, shi__#Tfng, en_BZ, sq_AL, twq_NE, nmg_CM, az__#Cyrl, en_MP, en_GD, tk, shi__#Latn, en_BW, kab_DZ, kde_TZ, ta_MY, nd_ZW, ne, en_IE, zh_SG, en_KI, om_ET, ja_JP, my, ka, fr_MF, shi, kl, en_SZ, rwk_TZ, zh, es_PE, mgh_MZ, saq, en_GB, kk_KZ, es_PA, ar_PS, bez, fr_MC, kw, vai__#Latn, ksh, ur_IN, ln, gsw_CH, luy_KE, pt, kkj_CM, es_GQ, ar_YE, to, en_SX, ru_KZ, et, ko_KP, nl_SR, rof, en_BS, be, gv, dua, nl_BQ, uz_UZ_#Cyrl, en_KE, guz, mfe, asa_TZ, ja, fr_SN, or, brx, fr_MA, pt_LU, fr_BL, mgo_CM, ko_KR, es_MX, fi, uz, bs__#Cyrl, sr__#Latn, en_SS, bo_IN, rm, en_MG, fr_BI, bn, kn, bn_BD, nnh, en_ZA, fr_FR, en_MH, fr_BJ, sah_RU, ps_AF, ky, mas, bs_BA_#Cyrl, sk_SK, xh, wo_SN, fr_HT, te_IN, nl_SX, lrc, ce, fr_CG, mt_MT, ko, nds_NL, ak, kde, dz, en_VU, ia, to_TO, ff_SL_#Latn, seh_MZ, ii_CN, pa_PK_#Arab, fr_RE, bn_IN, fr_GP, pa, zgh_MA, uk_UA, rn, tg, rwk, hu, fr_CH, en_NF, twq, sr_XK_#Cyrl, bm, ar_SS, en_GU, nl_AW, en_AI, en_CM, xog_UG, cs_CZ, tr, ca_ES, rm_CH, ru_MD, ff_SN_#Latn, en_TO, en_PG, fr_CF, pt_TL, en_ER, sr_BA, es_PY, kok_IN, fr_TG, sr_XK_#Latn, en_PH, ig_NG, fr_GN, prg_001, zh_MO_#Hans, se_FI, ff, en_CK, ar_MA, en_AG, fr_TD, ebu_KE, bem_ZM, xog, ewo_CM, fr_CD, rn_BI, en_NA, ms, ug, ca_IT, lag_TZ, teo_KE, ca_AD, qu_BO, haw_US, vi, fr_CA, sq_XK, dyo, en_KY, it_CH, si_LK, luo_KE, en_AE, it_IT, eo, ar_SO, en_ZW, nn_NO, fr_MU, pl, se_SE, en_TK, mua_CM, ur, uz__#Arab, saq_KE, se, pt_GW, ms_SG, ee_TG, ln_AO, be_BY, yue__#Hant, luy, pt_CV, uk, es_PR, wae_CH, mzn, tt, ru_BY, fo_DK, ee_GH, ar_BH, hi_IN, en_CH, asa, yo_BJ, fo_FO, ast_ES, fr_KM, fr_MQ, es_AR, ff__#Latn, en_MY, sbp_TZ, fil, uz__#Cyrl, yue_HK_#Hant, hy_AM, en_GM, fo, ne_NP, fur_IT, ta_IN, fr_GF, lkt, is, si, pt_AO, en_001, jv_ID, ru_KG, fr_MR, ks, ff_BF_#Latn, as_IN, sw_KE, th_TH, yue, jmc, en_MW, naq_NA, en_IO, ar_QA, en_CC, pt_PT, az_AZ_#Cyrl, ckb_IQ, shi_MA_#Latn, es_CU, ar, en_VI, haw, eu_ES, bas, el_GR, yav_CM, uz__#Latn, sg, da_GL, km_KH, ckb_IR, nl, ca_ES_VALENCIA, es_CR, fr_GA, sr, ar_LY, en_MU, gl_ES, en_IM, az_AZ_#Latn, en_GI, en_CA, gd, fr_SY, so_ET, nl_BE, ar_DJ, cy_GB, en_VG, en_TC, af_NA, vun, en_IN, lu, yo, es_NI, sd_PK, mas_TZ, ti, ms_BN, ccp_IN, br_FR]
        US/Hawaii: Honolulunormaltid(4) [sv_SE, sv, sv_FI, sv_AX]

        It seems translated materials may not be up to date, but "Honolulunormaltid" is short name
        "Honolulunormaltid" was in make/data/cldr/common/main/sv.xml


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