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THREAD_START and THREAD_END event posted in primordial phase



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      Jaroslav emailed this issue:

      On 7/9/20 9:07 AM, Jaroslav Bachorík wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Recently, after backporting JDK-8233197 to JDK8u I received a report
      > from Sergey Nazarkin (cc) that the backport broke JVMTI spec basically
      > emitting JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_START events in primordial phase while the
      > spec states that it should be emitted only in either start or live
      > phase.
      > But if I am reading this correctly
      > (https://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk8u/jdk8udev/hotspot/file/02b4fd2f9041/src/share/vm/prims/jvmtiEventController.cpp#l418)
      > the spec is also violated there.
      > EARLY_EVENT_BITS are including THREAD_START_BIT and it is not filtered
      > out by THREAD_FILTERED_EVENT_BITS so it seems perfectly valid for
      > JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_START to appear during PRIMORDIAL phase.
      > So I would like to get clarification before going in and start
      > tinkering with the JVM initialization code order.
      > Thanks!
      > -JB-

      I responded with the follow analysis:

      It looks like that change was made by this Jigsaw change:

          JDK-8072745 Re-examine JVM TI execution phases and expectations
                      on what is allowed in each phase

      These diffs in the bug reported jumped out at me:

      @@ -1022,6 +1032,10 @@
       void JvmtiExport::post_thread_start(JavaThread *thread) {
         assert(thread->thread_state() == _thread_in_vm, "must be in vm state");
      + if (JvmtiEnv::get_phase() <= JVMTI_PHASE_PRIMORDIAL) {
      + return;
      + }
         EVT_TRIG_TRACE(JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_START, ("JVMTI [%s] Trg Thread Start event triggered",
      @@ -1050,6 +1064,10 @@
       void JvmtiExport::post_thread_end(JavaThread *thread) {
      + if (JvmtiEnv::get_phase() <= JVMTI_PHASE_PRIMORDIAL) {
      + return;
      + }
         EVT_TRIG_TRACE(JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_END, ("JVMTI [%s] Trg Thread End event triggered",

      Here's the order of phases from jvmti.h:

          /* Phases of execution */

      typedef enum {
          JVMTI_PHASE_ONLOAD = 1,
          JVMTI_PHASE_START = 6,
          JVMTI_PHASE_LIVE = 4,
          JVMTI_PHASE_DEAD = 8
      } jvmtiPhase;

      However, the above diffs prevent the JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_START
      and JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_END events from being posted earlier than
      the JVMTI_PHASE_START phase... Unfortunately, I can't find the
      actual changeset pushed to the Jigsaw report for JDK-8072745.

      When you look at the current JvmtiExport::post_thread_start()
      and JvmtiExport::post_thread_end() functions, you can see this:

          1: void JvmtiExport::post_thread_start(JavaThread *thread) {
      36508: if (JvmtiEnv::get_phase() < JVMTI_PHASE_PRIMORDIAL) {
      36508: return;
      36508: }

          1: void JvmtiExport::post_thread_end(JavaThread *thread) {
      36508: if (JvmtiEnv::get_phase() < JVMTI_PHASE_PRIMORDIAL) {
      36508: return;
      36508: }

      $ hg log -r 36508
      changeset: 36508:5f9eee6b383b
      user: alanb
      date: Thu Mar 17 19:04:01 2016 +0000
      summary: 8142968: Module System implementation

      So the Jigsaw integration pushed a slightly different change
      than is shown in JDK-8072745. I don't know whether the fix
      for JDK-8072745 evolved before being pushed to the Jigsaw
      repos or whether another JBS issue was used to modify the
      code after JDK-8072745 was pushed.

      Short version: The semantics of the JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_START
      and JVMTI_EVENT_THREAD_END were changed by Jigsaw, but the
      JVM/TI spec was not updated to reflect those changes.


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