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(tz) Upgrade Timezone Data to tzdata2020b



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        The 2020b release of the tz code and data is available. It reflects the
        following changes, which were either circulated on the tz mailing list or are
        relatively minor technical or administrative changes:

             Revised predictions for Morocco's changes starting in 2023.
             Canada's Yukon changes to -07 on 2020-11-01, not 2020-03-08.
             Macquarie Island has stayed in sync with Tasmania since 2011.
             Casey, Antarctica is at +08 in winter and +11 in summer.
             zic no longer supports -y, nor the TYPE field of Rules.

           Changes to future timestamps

             Morocco's spring-forward after Ramadan is now predicted to occur
             no sooner than two days after Ramadan, instead of one day.
             (Thanks to Milamber.) The first altered prediction is for 2023,
             now predicted to spring-forward on April 30 instead of April 23.

           Changes to past and future timestamps

            Casey Station, Antarctica has been using +08 in winter and +11 in
            summer since 2018. The most recent transition from +08 to +11 was
            2020-10-04 00:01. Also, Macquarie Island has been staying in
            sync with Tasmania since 2011. (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.)

           Changes to past and future time zone abbreviations and DST flags

             Canada's Yukon, represented by America/Whitehorse and
             America/Dawson, changes its time zone rules from -08/-07 to
             permanent -07 on 2020-11-01, not on 2020-03-08 as 2020a had it.
             This change affects only the time zone abbreviation (MST vs PDT)
             and daylight saving flag for the period between the two dates.
             (Thanks to Andrew G. Smith.)

           Changes to past timestamps

             Correct several transitions for Hungary for 1918/1983.
             For example, the 1983-09-25 fall-back was at 01:00, not 03:00.
             (Thanks to Géza Nyáry.) Also, the 1890 transition to standard
             time was on 11-01, not 10-01 (thanks to Michael Deckers).

             The 1891 French transition was on March 16, not March 15. The
             1911-03-11 French transition was at midnight, not a minute later.
             Monaco's transitions were on 1892-06-01 and 1911-03-29, not
             1891-03-15 and 1911-03-11. (Thanks to Michael Deckers.)

           Changes to code

             Support for zic's long-obsolete '-y YEARISTYPE' option has been
             removed and, with it, so has support for the TYPE field in Rule
             lines, which is now reserved for compatibility with earlier zic.
             These features were previously deprecated in release 2015f.
             (Thanks to Tim Parenti.)

             zic now defaults to '-b slim' instead of to '-b fat'.

             zic's new '-l -' and '-p -' options uninstall any existing
             localtime and posixrules files, respectively.

             The undocumented and ineffective tzsetwall function has been

           Changes to build procedure

             The Makefile now defaults POSIXRULES to '-', so the posixrules
             feature (obsolete as of 2019b) is no longer installed by default.

           Changes to documentation and commentary

             The long-obsolete files pacificnew, systemv, and yearistype.sh have
             been removed from the distribution. (Thanks to Tim Parenti.)

        Here are links to the release files:


        As usual, links to the latest release files are here:


        Links are also available via plain HTTP, and via FTP from
        ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/releases with the same basenames as above.

        Each release file has a GPG signature, which can be retrieved by appending
        ".asc" to the above URLs. Copies of these signatures are appended to this message.

        This release corresponds to commit 47311d42a3ad6a8afa95d1f63fa8b6bb2710b16e
        dated 2020-10-06 18:35:04 -0700 and tagged '2020b' in the development GitHub
        repository at <https://github.com/eggert/tz>.

        Here are the SHA-512 checksums for the release files:



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