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Test results of Early Access (EA-9) build



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      Tested build : EA-9 build and available at - https://jdk.java.net/lanai/

      Functionality testing :
      Below automated tests were executed with Metal rendering pipeline.
      - Automated JDK jtreg regression tests for client
      - Automated JCK tests

      Below manual tests were run with Metal rendering pipeline on macOS 10.14, macOs 10.15, macOS 11 [Result : No functional regressions were observed when compared with OpenGL rendering pipeline.]
          - Java 2D Demo - manual test
          - Font 2D Demo - manual test
          - SwingSet2 Demo - manual test - all look and feels
          - JavaFX-Swing inter-op sanity tests - manual test
              Test JFXPanel (JFXPanel is a component to embed JavaFX content into Swing applications)
              Test SwingNode (This Node is used to embed a Swing content into a JavaFX application)
          - Large-scale real world applications - manual test - Netbeans IDE usage
          - JDK open jtreg regression manual tests - AWT, Swing and Java2D - (tests were distributed across mentioned OS versions)
          - JCK manual tests - AWT, Swing and Java2D - (tests were distributed across mentioned OS versions)

      Performance testing :
      Below Performance tests were run on Mac-mini (macOS 10.14) with uiScale=2.0 [ Test results attached as a screenshot ]
         - RenderPerfTest - We have JDK-8250658 and JDK-8259953 to address lower performance of 4 test cases - these are stress test cases which are uncommon in usual use.
         - SwingMark for all Look-and-Feels
         - J2DBench (identified test cases)
         - A set of identified Netbeans IDE UI responsiveness tests
         - XOR Mode rendering - performance results are available at - JDK-8262111


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