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typo: @implnote in java.desktop module



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      open/src/java.desktop/share/classes/java/awt/TrayIcon.java:75: error: unknown tag: implnote
       * @implnote
      1 error

      There are other issues as well. Here is the comment:

       * <p>If a SecurityManager is installed, the AWTPermission
       * {@code accessSystemTray} must be granted in order to create
       * a {@code TrayIcon}. Otherwise the constructor will throw a
       * SecurityException.
       * <p>
       * @implnote
       * When the {@systemProperty apple.awt.enableTemplateImages} property is
       * set, all images associated with instances of this class are treated
       * as template images by the native desktop system. This means all color
       * information is discarded, and the image is adapted automatically to
       * be visible when desktop theme and/or colors change. This property
       * only affects MacOSX.
       * <p> See the {@link SystemTray} class overview for an example on how
       * to use the {@code TrayIcon} API.
       * @since 1.6
       * @see SystemTray#add
       * @see java.awt.event.ComponentEvent#getComponent
       * @see java.util.EventObject#getSource
       * @author Bino George
       * @author Denis Mikhalkin
       * @author Sharon Zakhour
       * @author Anton Tarasov

      1. (minor) `<p>` before a block tag is redundant, and will give a warning.

      2. (Probable) @implNote is a block tag. As such, it will consume all content until either the beginning of the next block tag (@since) or the end of the comment. In this case, the paragraph after the @implNote, beginning `<p> See the {@link SystemTray} class, is probably misplaced. Probably, that short paragraph should be moved up, ahead of the @implNote. The fault in the current version is more obvious when you look at the generated docs, and see that the "See the ..." paragraph is part of the impl note.


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