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Implementation Specific Properties: change prefix, plus add existing properties



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      Through a series of changes, we’ve add documentation for the Implementation Specific Features and Properties to the module summary. This will be the last change to complete the project. This change will include the followings:

      1. Naming Convention
          Specifically, the prefix shall be standardized to jdk.xml instead of http://www.oracle.com/xml/jaxp/properties/ or http://www.oracle.com/xml/jaxp/features/. The later was introduced through the Jaxp Limits, that used the fully-qualified URL style prefix, a style that had been used in XML standards and Apache implementations. The style though was not ideal. For one, it's very long, for another, it has a dependency on domain names. For that reason, the later properties used a prefix jdk.xml which is also the same as the System properties.

      2. Other existing properties
          Add other existing properties to the Features and Properties table.

      2.1 Features and Properties that used jdk.xml as prefix
          Property cdataChunkSize:
                  Property name: jdk.xml.cdataChunkSize
                  System Property: jdk.xml.cdataChunkSize
                  Processor: SAX, StAX

          Feature resetSymbolTable:
                  Property name: jdk.xml.resetSymbolTable
                  System Property: jdk.xml.resetSymbolTable
                  Processor: SAX spf.setFeature

          Feature overrideDefaultParser:
                  Property name: jdk.xml.overrideDefaultParser
                  System Property: jdk.xml.overrideDefaultParser
                  Processor: Transform, Validation, XPath
                  Method: setFeature

          Property extensionClassLoader:
                  Name: jdk.xml.transform.extensionClassLoader
                  System Property: no
                  Processor: Transform
                  Method: factory.setAttribute

      2.2 Features that had a URL-style prefix for properties rather than features

          Feature enableExtensionFunctions:
                  Name: http://www.oracle.com/xml/jaxp/properties/enableExtensionFunctions
                  System property: jdk.xml.enableExtensionFunctions
                  Processor: Transform, XPath
                  Method: factory.setFeature


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