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All-caps “JAVA” in the top navigation bar



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      I recently noticed that “Java” is now capitalized in the right-hand side of the top navigation bar, whereas in prior releases it’s not (see attached images).

      Digging into it, this seems to be a consequence of JDK-8251210, which aimed to provide a link to other JDK versions. The stylesheet capitalizes any link in the top nav bar, thus this change transformed “Java” into “JAVA”.

      Aside from perpetuating the myth that, like “COBOL” and “FORTRAN,” it’s spelled “JAVA,” is this really the best way to achieve the goal of 8251210, which was to provide a link to the documentation of other JDK versions for when people wind up on the wrong version? If I were looking at a Javadoc page and realized it was the incorrect version, about the last thing that would occur to me would be to click on a link whose content is the name of the version that I’m reading.

      The original proposal in 8251210 was to provide an explicit “Other versions” link in the same part of the top nav bar, which would make a lot more sense, but that was dropped as being too intrusive (which it would be). Could we put an explicit “Other versions” link in the footer instead, near the “Report a bug or suggest an enhancement” link? It’s not clear to me that this information deserves to be in the top nav bar.

      To sum up, one way to fix this bug would be to leave the 8251210 change in place but figure out a way to de-capitalize “JAVA”. (Hmm, "J<span style='text-transform: lowercase'>ava</span” might do the trick, gross as it is.) Another, probably better fix would be to find an alternate way to achieve the goal of 8251210.


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