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Turning off JpAllowDowngrades (or Upgrades)



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        Strange behavior noticed if I jpackage an application creating both an "msi" and an "exe" installer.

        1.) If I install the msi with "misexec -i <name>-<version>.msi" I can repeat that command over and over, and the app is "reinstalled" on top of existing one (same veersion).

        2.) If I Install the exe over and over again I get the same thing - application wil "re-install" without any dialog or unexpected behavior.

        Now trying one of each that is not the same ...
        3.) If I install the exe first, then try to install the msi, I get a dialog saying that another version of the app is already installed, and I should remove it first.

        4.) If I first install the msi, then try to install the exe, it will hang. (possibly the embedded msi is trying to display the dialog as in 3, but cannot because msi is being invoked from the exe wrapper.

        Note that in case 1), if I re-build the msi with the same version, then run msiexec again I will get the dialog as in 3, so apparently windows can tell it is a different msi file, even with all the same attributes (name version etc) but just different times.
        This would explain 4, because the exe wrapper always builds a new msi to wrap.

        In general we set the wix parameters to allow both upgrades and downgrades (though this can be overridden with custom main.wix file resource), and generally have acceptable behavior when re-installing the same build, but when reinstalling different build of the same version thie above behavior makes little sense.


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