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InfoOptsTest is failing in tier1



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        As seen in the GitHub actions jobs in an unrelated PR https://github.com/openjdk/jdk/pull/5372#issuecomment-913150215 the InfoOptsTest is consistently failing on all OS variants in tier1. It's likely related to this commit which went in recently https://github.com/openjdk/jdk/commit/d05494f98bad351532cdb769c9da6b6e2359b16e

        The logs show:

        2021-09-04T16:37:24.7528210Z Running test testUniqueInfoOpts
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.7630470Z Main [--help, --help] []
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.7635480Z rc:0
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.7736940Z javac/DIRECT:
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.7762440Z Usage: javac <options> <source files>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.7863980Z where possible options include:
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.7892480Z @<filename> Read options and filenames from file
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.7986700Z -Akey[=value] Options to pass to annotation processors
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8003100Z --add-modules <module>(,<module>)*
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8030720Z Root modules to resolve in addition to the initial modules, or all modules
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8106550Z on the module path if <module> is ALL-MODULE-PATH.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8108330Z --boot-class-path <path>, -bootclasspath <path>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8110830Z Override location of bootstrap class files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8112470Z --class-path <path>, -classpath <path>, -cp <path>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8113590Z Specify where to find user class files and annotation processors
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8115140Z -d <directory> Specify where to place generated class files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8116530Z -deprecation
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8117490Z Output source locations where deprecated APIs are used
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8118770Z --enable-preview
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8120330Z Enable preview language features. To be used in conjunction with either -source or --release.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8129810Z -encoding <encoding> Specify character encoding used by source files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8136440Z -endorseddirs <dirs> Override location of endorsed standards path
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8239190Z -extdirs <dirs> Override location of installed extensions
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8251400Z -g Generate all debugging info
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8290250Z -g:{lines,vars,source} Generate only some debugging info
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8291910Z -g:none Generate no debugging info
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8293200Z -h <directory>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8294170Z Specify where to place generated native header files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8296270Z --help, -help, -? Print this help message
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8297720Z --help-extra, -X Print help on extra options
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8299160Z -implicit:{none,class}
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8300250Z Specify whether or not to generate class files for implicitly referenced files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8301820Z -J<flag> Pass <flag> directly to the runtime system
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8303230Z --limit-modules <module>(,<module>)*
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8304210Z Limit the universe of observable modules
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8305570Z --module <module>(,<module>)*, -m <module>(,<module>)*
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8306630Z Compile only the specified module(s), check timestamps
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8307980Z --module-path <path>, -p <path>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8309050Z Specify where to find application modules
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8310500Z --module-source-path <module-source-path>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8311660Z Specify where to find input source files for multiple modules
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8313050Z --module-version <version>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8314040Z Specify version of modules that are being compiled
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8315390Z -nowarn Generate no warnings
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8316640Z -parameters
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8317620Z Generate metadata for reflection on method parameters
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8361300Z -proc:{none,only}
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8362510Z Control whether annotation processing and/or compilation is done.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8364150Z -processor <class1>[,<class2>,<class3>...]
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8365410Z Names of the annotation processors to run; bypasses default discovery process
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8366910Z --processor-module-path <path>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8367990Z Specify a module path where to find annotation processors
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8369540Z --processor-path <path>, -processorpath <path>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8370620Z Specify where to find annotation processors
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8371840Z -profile <profile>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8372800Z Check that API used is available in the specified profile
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8374080Z --release <release>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8375110Z Compile for the specified Java SE release. Supported releases: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8377060Z -s <directory> Specify where to place generated source files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8378940Z --source <release>, -source <release>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8380150Z Provide source compatibility with the specified Java SE release. Supported releases: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8381690Z --source-path <path>, -sourcepath <path>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8382670Z Specify where to find input source files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8383990Z --system <jdk>|none Override location of system modules
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8385370Z --target <release>, -target <release>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8386570Z Generate class files suitable for the specified Java SE release. Supported releases: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8388070Z --upgrade-module-path <path>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8389040Z Override location of upgradeable modules
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8390480Z -verbose Output messages about what the compiler is doing
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8391930Z --version, -version Version information
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8393380Z -Werror Terminate compilation if warnings occur
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8395160Z Main [-X, -X] []
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8395860Z rc:0
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8396520Z javac/DIRECT:
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8397830Z --add-exports <module>/<package>=<other-module>(,<other-module>)*
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8399140Z Specify a package to be considered as exported from its defining module
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8400780Z to additional modules, or to all unnamed modules if <other-module> is ALL-UNNAMED.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8403050Z --add-reads <module>=<other-module>(,<other-module>)*
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8404200Z Specify additional modules to be considered as required by a given module.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8405750Z <other-module> may be ALL-UNNAMED to require the unnamed module.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8407430Z --default-module-for-created-files <module-name>
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8408890Z Fallback target module for files created by annotation processors, if none specified or inferred.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8410640Z -Djava.endorsed.dirs=<dirs> Override location of endorsed standards path
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8412280Z -Djava.ext.dirs=<dirs> Override location of installed extensions
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8413820Z --help-lint Print the supported keys for -Xlint
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8415200Z --patch-module <module>=<file>(:<file>)*
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8416210Z Override or augment a module with classes and resources
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8417110Z in JAR files or directories
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8418510Z -Xbootclasspath:<path> Override location of bootstrap class files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8420080Z -Xbootclasspath/a:<path> Append to the bootstrap class path
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8421630Z -Xbootclasspath/p:<path> Prepend to the bootstrap class path
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8423170Z -Xdiags:{compact,verbose} Select a diagnostic mode
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8424430Z -Xdoclint
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8425370Z Enable recommended checks for problems in javadoc comments
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8426730Z -Xdoclint:(all|none|[-]<group>)[/<access>]
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8427770Z Enable or disable specific checks for problems in javadoc comments,
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8428920Z where <group> is one of accessibility, html, missing, reference, or syntax,
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8430170Z and <access> is one of public, protected, package, or private.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8431760Z -Xdoclint/package:[-]<packages>(,[-]<package>)*
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8432880Z Enable or disable checks in specific packages. Each <package> is either the
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8434310Z qualified name of a package or a package name prefix followed by .*, which
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8435940Z expands to all sub-packages of the given package. Each <package> can be prefixed
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8438060Z with - to disable checks for the specified package or packages.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8439610Z -Xlint Enable recommended warnings
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8440840Z -Xlint:<key>(,<key>)*
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8441750Z Warnings to enable or disable, separated by comma.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8443150Z Precede a key by - to disable the specified warning.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8444570Z Use --help-lint to see the supported keys.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8446010Z -Xmaxerrs <number> Set the maximum number of errors to print
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8447550Z -Xmaxwarns <number> Set the maximum number of warnings to print
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8550380Z -Xpkginfo:{always,legacy,nonempty}
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8636310Z Specify handling of package-info files
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8639600Z -Xplugin:"name args"
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8663470Z Name and optional arguments for a plug-in to be run
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8665480Z -Xprefer:{source,newer}
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8683700Z Specify which file to read when both a source file and class file are found for an implicitly compiled class
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8728280Z -Xprint
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8729520Z Print out a textual representation of specified types
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8730900Z -XprintProcessorInfo
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8731960Z Print information about which annotations a processor is asked to process
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8733270Z -XprintRounds
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8734200Z Print information about rounds of annotation processing
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8736230Z -Xstdout <filename> Redirect standard output
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8737760Z These extra options are subject to change without notice.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8739170Z Main [--help-lint, --help-lint] []
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8739960Z rc:0
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8740890Z javac/DIRECT:
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8742040Z The supported keys for -Xlint are:
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8742920Z all Enable all warnings
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8743980Z auxiliaryclass Warn about an auxiliary class that is hidden in a source file, and is used from other files.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8744800Z cast Warn about use of unnecessary casts.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8745500Z classfile Warn about issues related to classfile contents.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8746200Z deprecation Warn about use of deprecated items.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8747550Z dep-ann Warn about items marked as deprecated in JavaDoc but not using the @Deprecated annotation.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8748410Z divzero Warn about division by constant integer 0.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8749030Z empty Warn about empty statement after if.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8749680Z exports Warn about issues regarding module exports.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8750470Z fallthrough Warn about falling through from one case of a switch statement to the next.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8751300Z finally Warn about finally clauses that do not terminate normally.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8752780Z missing-explicit-ctor Warn about missing explicit constructors in public and protected classes in exported packages.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8753780Z module Warn about module system related issues.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8754410Z opens Warn about issues regarding module opens.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8755110Z options Warn about issues relating to use of command line options.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8755850Z overloads Warn about issues regarding method overloads.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8756560Z overrides Warn about issues regarding method overrides.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8757270Z path Warn about invalid path elements on the command line.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8758010Z processing Warn about issues regarding annotation processing.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8759040Z rawtypes Warn about use of raw types.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8759730Z removal Warn about use of API that has been marked for removal.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8761030Z requires-automatic Warn about use of automatic modules in the requires clauses.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8762640Z requires-transitive-automatic Warn about automatic modules in requires transitive.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8763680Z serial Warn about Serializable classes that do not provide a serial version ID.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8765050Z Also warn about access to non-public members from a serializable element.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8765870Z static Warn about accessing a static member using an instance.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8766610Z strictfp Warn about unnecessary use of the strictfp modifier.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8767930Z synchronization Warn about synchronization attempts on instances of value-based classes.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8769460Z text-blocks Warn about inconsistent white space characters in text block indentation.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8770810Z try Warn about issues relating to use of try blocks (i.e. try-with-resources).
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8771580Z unchecked Warn about unchecked operations.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8772250Z varargs Warn about potentially unsafe vararg methods.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8772950Z preview Warn about use of preview language features.
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8773540Z none Disable all warnings
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8774850Z Main [-version, -version] []
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8775370Z rc:0
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8775690Z javac/DIRECT:
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8776460Z javac 18-internal
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8777290Z Main [-fullversion, -fullversion] []
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8777740Z rc:0
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8778060Z javac/DIRECT:
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8779450Z javac full version "18-internal+0-jaikiran-85748cf4a8efb69cbe69667851a14321804a51b6"
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8780590Z >>>>> Expected string appears more than once: 18
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8781400Z java.lang.Exception: 1 errors occurred
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8782230Z at OptionModesTester.runTests(OptionModesTester.java:81)
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8783100Z at InfoOptsTest.main(InfoOptsTest.java:41)
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8784350Z at java.base/jdk.internal.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8786310Z at java.base/jdk.internal.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:77)
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8788620Z at java.base/jdk.internal.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8791250Z at java.base/java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:568)
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8792700Z at com.sun.javatest.regtest.agent.MainActionHelper$AgentVMRunnable.run(MainActionHelper.java:312)
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8794000Z at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:833)
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8794980Z JavaTest Message: Test threw exception: java.lang.Exception
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8795660Z JavaTest Message: shutting down test
        2021-09-04T16:37:24.8797640Z TEST RESULT: Failed. Execution failed: `main' threw exception: java.lang.Exception: 1 errors occurred


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