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Improve container support for memory limits



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      This RFE is a follow up to JDK-8284900

      The JVM may be terminated by the Linux OOM killer if it tries to use more memory than the memory limit specified for a container. JDK-8284900 tries to avoid OOM by checking InitialHeapSize against the memory limit. However, this is incomplete because the JVM can use memory in other ways:

      - If -Xmx is larger than -Xms, the heap may expand
      - malloc memory
      - code cache
      - thread stacks

      We have several choices:

      (a) Following the direction of JDK-8284900, check for the initial memory usage of other types of memory as well. The problem with this is that checking the "initial" usage some type of memory usage (malloc or stack) is difficult or impossible.

      (b) Avoid committing more memory when the total memory usage is close to the limit. E.g., avoid expanding the Java heap, or return NULL from os::malloc(). The problem is that some operations in the VM cannot handle malloc failure and will terminate the VM anyway. Also, trying to obey the memory limit with concurrent allocator/deallocator threads is probably difficult or impossible.

      (c) Do not consider the memory limit and let the VM be killed by the OOM killer. This may be what the user wants -- the user knows that the app will normally run within the memory limit, so if the heap expands too much the app probably has a memory leak and should be killed, to be automatically restarted by an external mechanism (such as Kubernetes).




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