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x86: Memory-operand arithmetic instructions have too low costs



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      Arithmetic nodes with memory operands are assigned costs which are too low, which results in patterns like AddI(LoadI ConI) being matched into a constant load and an add with a memory operand instead of a memory load and an add with immediate.

      For example, this function

      public class Sample {
          int loadInt;

          public int testInt() {
              return loadInt + 100;

      results in compiled code:

      movl $0x64, %eax
      addl 0xc(%rsi), %eax

      while the desired output should be:

      movl 0xc(%rsi), %eax
      addl $0x64, %eax

      Also, we can do some small clean-ups in x86_64.ad:

      - The mulHiL rules have unnecessary constraints on the input registers, these can be removed. The no_rax_RegL operand as a consequence can also be removed.
      - The rules involving long division by a constant can be removed because it has been covered by the optimiser during idealisation.
      - The pattern SubI src imm and the likes never match because they are converted to AddI src -imm by the optimiser. As a result, these rules can be removed
      - The rules involving shifting the argument by 1 are covered by and exactly the same as the corresponding rules of shifting by an immediate. As a result, they can be removed.
      - Some rules involving and-ing with a bit mask have unnecessary constraints on the target register.


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