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Fix various include sort order issues



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      The sorted blocks of includes have deteriorated to the point that I felt compelled to clean up some of the issues.

      One of the more prevalent issues is that files in src/hotspot/share/include are not properly sorted. There has been some discussion that that was done on purpose, but it just adds another exception to the include rules that don't have any practical purposes, IMHO. It also goes against our written style guide around include files. One argument why it was OK have the files in include/ pushed up to the top of the sorted block, was that the file was included without specifying a directory. That's an argument that contradicts how we treat platform-dependent files, which (unfortunately) often also are specified without a prefixed directory. To remove this special case, I've removed the extraneous make file entry to have src/hotspot/share/include in the set of directories to search for headers when compiling HotSpot. Now all the header files in src/hotspot/share/include gets included by specifying the path from src/hotspot/share, just like the other platform-independent headers in HotSpot.

      While going over the include headers I've also cleaned up surrounding whitespaces and incorrect include guards.


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