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Inconsistent handling of effectively final and blank final variables



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      The handling of effectively final and blank final variables in the JLS differs slightly. In particular, for blank final variables, there's no assertion about definite assignment, only definite unassignment:
      JLS 16:
      For every assignment to a blank final variable, the variable must be definitely unassigned before the assignment, or a compile-time error occurs.

      But, for effectively final variables, both definite assignment and unassignment are considered:
      JLS 4.12.4.:
      A local variable declared by a statement and whose declarator lacks an initializer is effectively final if all of the following are true:
      Whenever it occurs as the left hand side in an assignment expression, it is definitely unassigned and not definitely assigned before the assignment; that is, it is definitely unassigned and not definitely assigned after the right hand side of the assignment expression (§16 (Definite Assignment)).

      This leads to cases like:
      int i; //note the variable can be marked final
      if (false) {
          i = 0; //this assignment makes the variable not effectively final, as "i" is definitely assigned and unassigned at the point when the assignment happens
      } else {
          i = 1;

      Where a variable is not effectively final, but can be marked final, which is contrary to:
      JLS 4.12.4.:
      If a variable is effectively final, adding the final modifier to its declaration will not introduce any compile-time errors. Conversely, a local variable or parameter that is declared final in a valid program becomes effectively final if the final modifier is removed.

      It would be good to evaluate if the JLS can be made more consistent.


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