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Compiler allows class type parameters inside super()'s static context



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    • Reproduced with:

      • javac 1.8.0_312
      • javac
      • javac 19.0.1
      • javac 21-internal (jdk-21+7-124-g9fe8e823f3a)
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      javac accepts the following program:

      import java.util.concurrent.atomic.*;

      public class TypeParamStaticContext<T> extends AtomicReference<T> {
          public TypeParamStaticContext(Object obj) {
          public <U extends T> TypeParamStaticContext(Object obj, int x) {

      However, the references to {{T}} and {{U}} are invalid because the inside of a {{super()}} call is a static context.

      Relevant JLS sections:


      An explicit constructor invocation statement introduces a static context (§8.1.3), which limits the use of constructs that refer to the current object. Notably, the keywords this and super are prohibited in a static context (§15.8.3, §15.11.2), as are unqualified references to instance variables, instance methods, and type parameters of lexically enclosing declarations (§, §, §15.12.3).


      If a type name consists of a single Identifier, then the identifier must occur in the scope of exactly one declaration of a class, interface, or type parameter with this name (§6.3), or a compile-time error occurs.

      If the declaration denotes a type parameter of a generic class or interface C (§8.1.2, §9.1.2), then both of the following must be true, or a compile-time error occurs:

      * The type name does not occur in a static context (§8.1.3)

      * If the type name appears in a nested class or interface declaration of C, then the immediately enclosing class or interface declaration of the type name is an inner class of C.


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