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[SuperWord] MaxReduction and MinReduction should vectorize for int



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      I found this during the work of JDK-8302139.

      See example Test.java

      ./java -XX:-TieredCompilation -Xbatch -XX:CompileCommand=compileonly,Test::test -XX:+TraceSuperWord Test.java

          static int test(int[] data) {
              int res = 1;
              for (int i = 2; i < N-2; i++) {
                  int v = data[i] * 11;
                  res = Math.min(res, v);
              return res;

      In TraceSuperWord, we can see that it tries to vectorize.
      find_adjacent_refs: we detect the LoadI
      extend_packlist: we extend to the MulI, but unfortunately not the MinI
      combine_packs: combines the LoadI and MulI (we are missing the MinI)
      filter_packs: rejects the whole vectorization because the MinI were not put in a pack, now the MulI has a non-vectorized use in the loop.

      A first analysis showed that maybe something with the order of the MinI is unexpected.
      Maybe the inputs of the min / max get flipped, and it does not get detected correctly in SuperWord::reduction(Node* s1, Node* s2)

      This is both for Math.min and Math.max.

      The same example with float array does already vectorize.

      Double does not vectorize because of this issue: JDK-8300865
      For long it did not even try to vectorize with SuperWord. Maybe because of this line in x86.ad:
            } else if (bt == T_LONG && (UseAVX < 3 || !VM_Version::supports_avx512vlbwdq())) {
      Yeah, probably. I have AVX512 on my laptop, but avx512vlbwdq is missing. So it would have to be tested on a machine that has that hardware support.


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