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Allow additional characters for GB18030-2022 (Level 2) support



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        This is to support GB18030-2022 Implementation Level 2, an extension to JDK-8301400 The following 108 code points from `CJK Unified Ideographs Extension E` block in Unicode 8.0 need to be allowed:
        0x9839C534 U+2B8B8 𫢸
        0x9839FA31 U+2BAC7 𫫇
        0x99308B33 U+2BB5F 𫭟
        0x99308B36 U+2BB62 𫭢
        0x99308E32 U+2BB7C 𫭼
        0x99308E39 U+2BB83 𫮃
        0x99309E31 U+2BC1B 𫰛
        0x9930C039 U+2BD77 𫵷
        0x9930C235 U+2BD87 𫶇
        0x9930CD37 U+2BDF7 𫷷
        0x9930D237 U+2BE29 𫸩
        0x99318739 U+2C029 𬀩
        0x99318830 U+2C02A 𬀪
        0x99319437 U+2C0A9 𬂩
        0x99319830 U+2C0CA 𬃊
        0x9931B237 U+2C1D5 𬇕
        0x9931B331 U+2C1D9 𬇙
        0x9931B633 U+2C1F9 𬇹
        0x9931C334 U+2C27C 𬉼
        0x9931C436 U+2C288 𬊈
        0x9931C734 U+2C2A4 𬊤
        0x9931D239 U+2C317 𬌗
        0x9931D937 U+2C35B 𬍛
        0x9931DA33 U+2C361 𬍡
        0x9931DA36 U+2C364 𬍤
        0x9931F738 U+2C488 𬒈
        0x9931F930 U+2C494 𬒔
        0x9931F933 U+2C497 𬒗
        0x99328C34 U+2C542 𬕂
        0x9932A133 U+2C613 𬘓
        0x9932A138 U+2C618 𬘘
        0x9932A237 U+2C621 𬘡
        0x9932A335 U+2C629 𬘩
        0x9932A337 U+2C62B 𬘫
        0x9932A338 U+2C62C 𬘬
        0x9932A339 U+2C62D 𬘭
        0x9932A431 U+2C62F 𬘯
        0x9932A630 U+2C642 𬙂
        0x9932A638 U+2C64A 𬙊
        0x9932A639 U+2C64B 𬙋
        0x9932BD34 U+2C72C 𬜬
        0x9932BD37 U+2C72F 𬜯
        0x9932C839 U+2C79F 𬞟
        0x9932CC33 U+2C7C1 𬟁
        0x9932D233 U+2C7FD 𬟽
        0x9932E833 U+2C8D9 𬣙
        0x9932E838 U+2C8DE 𬣞
        0x9932E931 U+2C8E1 𬣡
        0x9932EA39 U+2C8F3 𬣳
        0x9932EC39 U+2C907 𬤇
        0x9932ED32 U+2C90A 𬤊
        0x9932EF31 U+2C91D 𬤝
        0x99338830 U+2CA02 𬨂
        0x99338932 U+2CA0E 𬨎
        0x99339433 U+2CA7D 𬩽
        0x99339837 U+2CAA9 𬪩
        0x9933A535 U+2CB29 𬬩
        0x9933A539 U+2CB2D 𬬭
        0x9933A630 U+2CB2E 𬬮
        0x9933A633 U+2CB31 𬬱
        0x9933A730 U+2CB38 𬬸
        0x9933A731 U+2CB39 𬬹
        0x9933A733 U+2CB3B 𬬻
        0x9933A737 U+2CB3F 𬬿
        0x9933A739 U+2CB41 𬭁
        0x9933A838 U+2CB4A 𬭊
        0x9933A932 U+2CB4E 𬭎
        0x9933AA34 U+2CB5A 𬭚
        0x9933AA35 U+2CB5B 𬭛
        0x9933AB34 U+2CB64 𬭤
        0x9933AB39 U+2CB69 𬭩
        0x9933AC32 U+2CB6C 𬭬
        0x9933AC35 U+2CB6F 𬭯
        0x9933AC39 U+2CB73 𬭳
        0x9933AD32 U+2CB76 𬭶
        0x9933AD34 U+2CB78 𬭸
        0x9933AD38 U+2CB7C 𬭼
        0x9933B331 U+2CBB1 𬮱
        0x9933B435 U+2CBBF 𬮿
        0x9933B436 U+2CBC0 𬯀
        0x9933B630 U+2CBCE 𬯎
        0x9933C336 U+2CC56 𬱖
        0x9933C435 U+2CC5F 𬱟
        0x9933D335 U+2CCF5 𬳵
        0x9933D336 U+2CCF6 𬳶
        0x9933D433 U+2CCFD 𬳽
        0x9933D435 U+2CCFF 𬳿
        0x9933D438 U+2CD02 𬴂
        0x9933D439 U+2CD03 𬴃
        0x9933D536 U+2CD0A 𬴊
        0x9933E235 U+2CD8B 𬶋
        0x9933E237 U+2CD8D 𬶍
        0x9933E239 U+2CD8F 𬶏
        0x9933E330 U+2CD90 𬶐
        0x9933E435 U+2CD9F 𬶟
        0x9933E436 U+2CDA0 𬶠
        0x9933E534 U+2CDA8 𬶨
        0x9933E539 U+2CDAD 𬶭
        0x9933E630 U+2CDAE 𬶮
        0x9933E939 U+2CDD5 𬷕
        0x9933F036 U+2CE18 𬸘
        0x9933F038 U+2CE1A 𬸚
        0x9933F137 U+2CE23 𬸣
        0x9933F230 U+2CE26 𬸦
        0x9933F234 U+2CE2A 𬸪
        0x9933FA36 U+2CE7C 𬹼
        0x9933FB38 U+2CE88 𬺈
        0x9933FC39 U+2CE93 𬺓


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