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Update the JavaDocs to show the NEW section and DEPRECATED versions



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      The JDK's Javadoc contains a 'NEW' section [1], but JavaFX's docs don't have it. It would be useful to have this feature as well.
      Additionally, the Deprecated page for the JDK docs allows to select the versions for deprecations, the JavaFX one does not.

      The help page for the JavaDoc tool [2] contains the following relevant information:

      --since release(,release)*
      Generates documentation for APIs that were added or newly deprecated in the specified releases.

      If the @since tag in the javadoc comment of an element in the documented source code matches a release passed as option argument, information about the element and the release it was added in is included in a "New API" page.

      If the "Deprecated API" page is generated and the since element of the java.lang.Deprecated annotation of a documented element matches a release in the option arguments, information about the release the element was deprecated in is added to the "Deprecated API" page.

      Releases are compared using case-sensitive string comparison.

      --since-label text
      Specifies the text to use in the heading of the "New API" page. This may contain information about the releases covered in the page, e.g. "New API in release 2.0", or "New API since release 1".

      [1] https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/19/docs/api/new-list.html
      [2] https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/18/docs/specs/man/javadoc.html


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