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Classfile API ConstantPool::entryCount and ConstantPool::entryByIndex methods are confusing



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      I’ve noticed confusion in understanding (and inconsistency in implementations) of two ConstantPool methods:
           * {@return the entry at the specified index}
           * @param index the index within the pool of the desired entry
          PoolEntry entryByIndex(int index);
           * {@return the number of entries in the constant pool}
          int entryCount();
      Intuitive understanding of the above methods is that user can iterate over entries incrementing index by one up-to the entryCount and get entry for each index from the range.
      However the reality is that the methods reflects JVMS 4.1:
      The value of the constant_pool_count item is equal to the number of entries in the constant_pool table plus one. A constant_pool index is considered valid if it is greater than zero and less than constant_pool_count, with the exception for constants of type long and double noted in §4.4.5.

      Following user code cause more or less confusion:
      for (int i = 0; i < cp.entryCount(); i++) cp.entryByIndex(i);
      Fails immediately with ConstantPoolException at index 0
      for (int i = 1; i < cp.entryCount(); i++) cp.entryByIndex(i);
      May fail for constant pools containing long or double entries (double-slot entries), however it may not fail if the tag at the invalid offset imitates a valid entry (this is a bug) or it may return null when SplitConstantPool implementation is involved (inconsistency in implementations).
      So the only valid (however not very intuitive) iteration over all entries should look like this:
      for (int i = 1; i < cp.entryCount(); i += cp.entryByIndex(i).width())
      I propose following changes to ConstantPool:
      Fix all implementations of PoolEntry ConstantPool::entryByIndex(int) to always throw ConstantPoolException when the index is invalid
      or change the method signature to Optional<PoolEntry> ConstantPool::entryByIndex(int) and explain it in the Javadoc
      Rename ConstantPool::entryCount to slotsCount or size or width and explain it in the Javadoc
      Make ConstantPool extends Iterable<PoolEntry> so user does not need to understand CP internals to iterate over its entries


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