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Show event options present in JFC file but not in running JVM




      In the JFR wizard, and the template manager, not all event options that are in the JFC file may be shown in the event option tree. In particular, those that aren't accepted by the JVM (if online) or doesn't conform to well known restrictions (if offline), are silently omitted.

      They should instead be shown in a different style/color and not be editable. In previous versions of JMC, that was how they were shown, although the set of valid options was smaller and fixed.

      This is caused by using the exact same mechanism to extract values for the tree, as is used to send the values to the JVM.

      I originally thought fixing this would be trivial, but it turns out it isn't the way the code currently is written. It might be quite simple to handle some of the cases, but dealing with the corner cases may require a different approach. A single pass over the JFC file while considering all information sources seems to me to be the most straightforward way to build the tree.

      Note that this includes cases where the option "period" is generally valid, but it is known that the Event Type in the running JVM doesn't have that option. The option should still be presented to the user in a familiar way, and not with the internal implementation string.

      This can probably be considered a regression.




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