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JMC Connects to self when tried to connect to Unsupported JVMs




      Steps to reproduce.

      1. Run JMC and monitor an unsupported JVM ( JDK 1.6 or below, 32bit JVM, jLinked Application, etc)  Ideally, these unsupported JVMs should be shown with an unconnectable icon and error message while connecting to this JVM.
      2. But JMC allows connection to these JVMs. However, the information shown for these JVMs are not correct.
      3. Verify all the information from all JMX Tabs for this JVM. It shows the details (System, Threads, etc) for  JVM running JMC instead of the JVM that's shown in JVM Browser.
      4. The same issue exists when Heap Dump is taken for this JVM (instead of the JVM, the heap dump is taken on JMC itself)
      5. Try performing FlightRecording against this JVM connection.

      Please find the video attached for more information.

      JMC 7 Behavior

      JMC 7 does not allow connection to these JVMs, and shows an error message as in the image below, whereas JMC 8+ allows connection, flight recording, and monitoring, etc. to such unconnectable JVMs, but the connected JVM is the JMC process itself.




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