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RFE: Would like per-functionality default locales



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      Name: dbT83986 Date: 08/15/99

      The locale classes needs support for setting and getting various
      Third party packages only use Locale as input to determine how
      different stuff is going to be renedered. Example is KL Group's
      JCField. Since the locale info is stored in static classes
      (Resources) it is not possible to change desired properties.
      For instance I am right now working on a bank application.
      Displaying most stuff in localized ways are ok but the amounts
      should look the same all over the world. This is easily understandable
      since the traders work with many different applications and those
      use the same way of displaying the amount. Then it is not good
      if one application all of a sudden starts showing stuff in a
      completely new format. Such a behaviour would force us to hard
      code the locale to US and then the whole idea about localization
      is lost.
      We need more freedom if we are ever going to be able to use

      REVIEW NOTE 8/22/99 - User responded with additional information

      My thought is something like that I want to for instance use the German
      locale but specify that it in this application it should format the dates
      to the ISO standard.
      The code would be something like:

      Locale germanLocale = Locale.GERMAN;
      Locale isoLocale = Locale.ISO;
      germanLocale .setDateFormat(isoLocale.getDateFormat());

      This way I don't have to think about which locale to use
      for which field, I simply use my customized all the way.

      A good thing would be to provide a locale containg the ISO standards
      (as you can see above).

      Another thing I would like to see is a way to easily extract locale data.
      Example code:

      Locale locale = Locale.getDefault();
      String decimalSign = locale.getDecimalSign();

      It is quite common that you as a programmer has to mainpulate
      the strings and if it is localized then some characters are going to
      differ so you need to be able to extract those characters.

      The examples are (I think) possible to handle in the current situation,
      they are just provided to give a rough idea about what I'm thinking.
      The exapmle versions is at least a lot easier to use than the current
      Hopefully I've managed to convince you to include this in the future:-)
      (Review ID: 93599)


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