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PIT 03 : un-installing the J2SDK/JRE should leave the machine in a clean state



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      Problem Description : un-installing the J2SDK/JRE should leave the machine in a clean state

      Tested_Java_Release : JI PIT 03 for 1.4.2 (mantis)
      Tested_Build : J2SDK.exe
      Tested_Build_Location : /net/sqesvr/deployment3/mantis/JPI-PIT-05/bundles/
      Test_Location : JPI Control Panel
      Tested_Machine_Name : lemonade 1 / dnm-101
      Testted O/S : Windows 98 / 2000 / NT / XP
      Tested_ Browsers : IE / NS
      Steps to Reproduce :

      1.) Install J2SDK 1.4.2 on the target machine
      2.) Launch any JPI applet
      3.) The following directory structure would be created
          E.g. : C:\WINNT\Profiles\Administrator\Application Data\Sun\Java
      4.) Now un-install the J2SDK/J2RE from the target machine

      Result : files/folders, logs etc., created during jre installation and while running an applet in the browser are not being deleted from the target machine when the last instance of JRE/JDK is being un-installed.


      After installation is complete, files(created during mantis install) are remaining in the following folders.

      {Profile}\Local Settings\Application Data\{35A3A4F2-B792-11D6-A78A-00B0D0142000}
      {Profile}\Local Settings\Application Data\{7148F0A6-6813-11D6-A77B-00B0D0142000}
      {Profile}\Local Settings\Temp

      they should also be removed after setup is complete.

      ###@###.### 2003-01-24

      Tested with weekly promotion Mantis-beta-b14

      It's quite appearent the installer is not cleaning up files (created by itself- not by any other application during the installation process) and progressively leaving more and more leftover files

      The directory these files are left in is usually as follows with the number between the brackets occuring as a random number.
      On Windows XP and 2000:
      'c:\<WINDIR>\Local Settings\Application Data \{35A3A4F2-B792-11D6-A78A-00B0D0142000}'
      'c:\<WINDIR>\Local Settings\Application Data \{7148F0A6-6813-11D6-A77B-00B0D0142000}'

      On Windows ME and 98:
      C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\{35A3A4F2-B792-11D6-A78A-00B0D0142000}
      C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\{7148F0A6-6813-11D6-A77B-00B0D0142000}

      This bug should be fixed in Mantis. It wastes a lot of user's diskspace if one installs/uninstalls over and over again. Also, it may become a problem with legal issue.

      ###@###.### 2003-01-29


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