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Add new protected VirtualFlow methods for subclassing





        Some methods/fields have been switched from public/protected to package-protected or private in JDK 9.

        This prevents the SpreadsheetView and other components from ControlsFX to work.
        Back in 2013 before JDK 8 was released, I pledged to open some methods in order to override some com.sun.XXX.skin classes. Now we have made a move forward and switch these skin into public API. But that cannot be done if you switch back some methods into private because it makes impossible to create new components.

        In javafx.scene.control.skin.TableHeaderRow:
        getRootHeader() should be protected but since the method "createRootHeader()" is protected, one can access the rootHeader when actually creating it.
        updateTableWidth() should be protected
        updateScrollX() should be protected

        These three methods are necessary if anyone wants to override the TableHeaderRow. See JDK-8102843

        In javafx.scene.control.skin.TableColumnHeader
        getTableHeaderRow() should be protected
        getTableSkin() should be protected

        In javafx.scene.control.skin. TableViewSkinBase:
        scrollHorizontally() should be protected
        scrollHorizontally(TC col) should be protected
        getTableHeaderRow() should be protected because the method createTableHeaderRow() is itself protected. What's the point of allowing the customization of the TableHeaderRow if you don't give access to it..?

        In javafx.scene.control.skin.VirtualFlow:
        getHbar() was protected and should remain
        getVbar() was protected and should remain
        reconfigureCells() was protected and should remain
        getCells() was protected and should remain
        getFirstVisibleCellWithinViewPort() was public and should at least be protected
        getLastVisibleCellWithinViewPort() was public and should at least be protected

        The access to the VirtualFlow was made possible with that ticket : JDK-8187379
        But we should go back to the way it was in JDK 8 with these tickets : JDK-8103193
        If anyone wants to override the VirtualFlow, it's because he wants to add some cells, to remove some, to play with it. We should allow that otherwise it's pointless.

        I know I'm late in the process and we are already in RDP1. But if this go through, we could have a working version of ControlsFX for JDK 11 which is the next LTS and that would be much appreciated.

        I'm listed as an "author" here : http://openjdk.java.net/census#openjfx
        I don't know what that actually means but I'm willing to provide Pull requests if necessary to ease the process as much as I can.


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