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Introduce SetupExecute in build system



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      The most important operations performed by the build system is generalized into various Setup<Foo> functionality, which forms the API on top of which the rest of the build system is erected.

      However, we have a long tail with various small operations, calling a specific build tool, etc, that are done on a more ad-hoc basis. Over the years, a more and more refined set of "best practice" rules has emerged for such operations, but they tend to be implemented only for new operations, and not retrospectively updated on old code.

      To make sure we always keep all such operations up to date with modern robustness solutions, I propose to create a new, more general, function, SetupExecute. Basically, this takes a command line to execute, and make sure this is done The Right Way.

      In this patch, I'm introducing the SetupExecute function, and I've installed it for all locations that are currently using ExecuteWithLog. (Those were easy to find.) As the next step, operations that do not even use ExecuteWithLog (which is part of the "best practice" since some time ago, but was not from the start) should be located and converted, too.


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