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Cgroups: cgroup v2 support and improvements in 8u381



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      8u371 includes several enhancements to support and improve the cgroup v2 capabilities.

      This includes improvements to the collection of various metrics associated with the cgroup configuration, as well as around 25 (?) bug fixes that enhance container capabilities in JDK 8.

      These changes have resulted in significant stability improvements, some of which are outlined below:

      The JVM can now recognize additional cgroup mounts made by other applications and utilize the correct cgroup configuration.

      We have also improved system behavior for applications configured to run in a container with more memory than what is physically available. If the cgroup v1 container where the Java application is configured has a memory limit higher than the physically available memory on the host, the JVM may run with a higher-than-usual memory footprint, resulting in incorrect behaviour. In previous releases, customers had to use workarounds such as -XX:-UseContainerSupport, -XX:MaxRAM=<physical_memory_amount>, or apply a container limit lower than the physical machine memory.

      We have also improved application stability in cases where the same /tmp directory is shared across multiple containers. In previous releases, customers had to disable performance data collection using the JVM option -XX:-UsePerfData for applications to run successfully. With the changes made in this release, we have enhanced container capability such that users do not need to disable performance data collection, while ensuring that application execution continues without any issues.




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